Design must reflect the practical & aesthetic in business, but above all… good design must primarily serve people.
β€” Thomas J. Watson

focusing on
what matters most

Hey! I'm Ashley, a passionate digital marketer, web designer, & a proud US Veteran. During the pandemic, I rediscovered my love for web & graphic design - a creative outlet that allows me to blend aesthetics, functionality, & user experience. Having spent two impactful years at a Manhattan marketing firm, I sharpened my skills in crafting compelling messaging across multiple platforms.
So what sets me apart?

🎨 Creative Vision:
I don't just design websites; I create digital experiences that resonate. From sleek interfaces to captivating visuals, I infuse every project with purpose.

🌐 Responsive Design:
Ensuring seamless experiences across devices is my forte. Mobile-first? Absolutely!

πŸ“± Social Media Savvy: As a digital marketer, I understand the power of social platforms. Let's tell your brand's story where it matters most.

🀝 Veteran Values:
My military background instilled discipline, adaptability, & a commitment to excellence. These values drive not only my work, but everything I do!

Let's Collaborate!
Whether you need a stunning website, engaging content, or a marketable social media plan, I'm here to elevate your brand to new heights. Let's connect & create something remarkable!


how i can help you & your brand

Transform your business with my comprehensive digital marketing solutions. From eye-catching graphic designs & engaging content creation to responsive web design & dynamic social media strategies, I provide a full suite of services to enhance your brand's presence & connect with your audience effectively.

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Elevate your brand with custom graphics that stand out. My designs are tailored to your unique vision, ensuring that each piece is impactful, memorable, & aligns with your message.


Experience seamless digital solutions with my web design services. I focus on creating responsive, intuitive websites that prioritize user experience, ensuring your website performs well on all devices!


Engage your audience with high-quality content that tells your story. I specialize in creating articles, blogs, & multimedia content that drives traffic & builds brand loyalty.


Amplify your online presence with my social media expertise. I craft strategic campaigns that increase your reach, foster community engagement, & strengthen your brand's online identity.


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With digital marketing, you're no longer limited to your local area. Using the internet allows you to reach a global audience which can attract new customers & increase brand awareness. By reaching the right audience & nurturing leads, digital marketing directly impacts sales. Engaging content, social media presence, & targeted ads help people recognize & remember your brand. Plus, it's much more cost effective than 'traditional' marketing methods.

I personally use a variety of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that my designs aren't just visually appealing, but that they function well & are user friendly. The core technologies I use are:

Creates the structure for the pages.

Creates the style & visually formats the pages.

Allows me to add interactive features.

Depending on the project, I may use Bootstrap, Tailwind, Foundation, or jQuery.

Affinity Designer, Krita, or Adobe Photoshop. I also use Figma, Canva, & Vectr.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
For design adjustments, prototyping, & research.

Yes! I offer comprehensive packaged deals that bundle my digital marketing, web design, & graphic design services. My packages are designed to provide you with a holistic solution that meets all of your online branding & marketing needs. By choosing one of my packaged deals, you'll benefit from a seamless integration of services that work together to amplify your brand's presence & impact! Here's what makes my packaged deals an excellent choice for your business:

Cost Savings:
My bundled services come at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each service separately. This means that you get more bang for your buck!

Consistency in Branding:
With handling all aspects of your digital presence, I ensure a uniform brand voice & visual identity across your website, social media, & marketing materials.

Streamlined Communication:
You'll have a single point of contact for all your services, making the process smoother & much more efficient.

Strategic Alignment:
I will develop a cohesive strategy that aligns your website design with your marketing goals, ensuring a consistent message that resonates with your audience.

Time Efficiency:
By entrusting me with multiple services, you'll save time (& money!) that can be better spent on running your business, while I take care of the technical & creative aspects.

I'm committed to delivering exceptional results & providing a superior customer experience. So let's work together to create a powerful online presence that drives your business forward!

When it comes to ongoing support for websites, I've got you covered! Here's why my support services are a game-changer for your online presence:

Continuous Optimization:
I don't just build your website & walk away. I'm committed to continuous improvement. Whether it's enhancing performance, refining user experience, or adapting to changing trends, I'm here to keep your site up-to-date & efficient.

Security & Maintenance:
Websites require regular updates to stay secure. I handle security patches, software updates, & routine maintenance to ensure that your website runs smoothly. My proactive approach minimizes vulnerabilities & keeps your data safe!

Technical Troubleshooting:
If you encounter any issues, support is just a message away. From broken links to server glitches, I troubleshoot & resolve technical hiccups promptly. Your peace of mind matters to me.

Content Updates:
Need to add a new service, update pricing, or publish a blog post? I've got your back. My ongoing support includes content updates, so that your website remains relevant & engaging for your audience.

SEO Enhancements:
Search engine algorithms evolve, & so should your website. I monitor SEO trends & can make necessary adjustments. My goal? To keep your site visible & competitive in search results.

Responsive Customer Service:
When you choose my ongoing support, you're not just getting technical assistance; you're gaining a partner. I'm here to answer questions, provide guidance, & ensure your website aligns with your business goals.

Peace of Mind:
Running a business is challenging enough. Let me handle the website maintenance, so you can focus on what you do best. With my support, you'll have the peace of mind that your digital storefront is in capable hands!

So, whether it's a minor tweak or a major update, my ongoing support ensures your website remains a powerful asset for your business.

Your involvement is crucial to the success of my marketing & design efforts. I believe in a collaborative approach that leverages your insights & preferences to create strategies & designs that really reflect your brand's identity & goals. Here is what you can expect when working with me:

Initial Consultation:
We start with a deep-dive session to understand your vision, objectives, and the unique aspects of your business. Your input sets the foundation for our strategy.

Regular Updates:
Throughout the project, I'll keep you informed with regular updates. You'll see your ideas come to life as we progress, & your feedback will be sought at each milestone.

Decision-Making Power:
While we bring our expertise to the table, you have the final say. From design elements to campaign tactics, your preferences guide our execution.

Transparent Processes:
We maintain transparency in our work, providing you with insights into our methodologies & the reasons behind our choices.

Educational Insight:
As we work on your project, I'll share knowledge & insights about best practices, helping you understand the 'why' & 'how' of our actions.

Flexibility for Revisions:
I'm committed to your satisfaction. If there is something you would like to change or enhance, I'm flexible & open to revisions.

By partnering with me, you're not just a spectator; you are an active participant in a journey to elevate your brand. Together, we'll ensure that the end result is something that you're not only satisfied with, but also proud to showcase!

Yes, I absolutely provide contracts for all of my services. The contracts are meticulously crafted to ensure clarity, transparency, & a mutual understanding. They outline the scope of work, timelines, payment schedules, & deliverables, so you know exactly what to expect from me. I believe in building trustworthy relationships with my clients, & my contracts reflect that commitment. They serve as a roadmap for the project, detailing every step of our engagement to ensure that I meet your expectations & that I deliver high-quality results.

They also include protection for both parties. They safeguard your interests as well as mine, ensuring that intellectual property rights are respected & that both client & designer have a clear understanding of our responsibilities. This level of professionalism & security is designed to give you a peace of mind, knowing that you're working with someone that values integrity & excellence.

By signing a contract with me, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a partner who is invested in your success. I'm here to support your digital marketing & design needs with expertise & dedication, & a contract is the first step in a fruitful collaboration that will help your business thrive.

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